Creative function meets unique beauty.

My wife and I both studied Architecture at Woodbury University. In Architecture you are taught from day 1 the importance of form and function. We approach our furniture pieces as small pieces of architecture...which is what furniture is if you think about is architecture, but at a smaller more intimate scale.

In 2013 we bought our first home together, it is a small home built in the 1940's with everything original still in tact. We did not want to do our home a disservice by forcing contemporary, popular and trendy pieces into our home that would appear out of place. Also, our home is barely over 1,000 sq. ft. We needed to have pieces that function to the maximum and look good. So...the design challenge began.

Every piece that you see in our shop is designed with unique function and beauty in mind. All of our pieces are thoroughly tested in our home before they become a part of Thomas J. Collection. We hope that the time, energy, creativity and heart that is put in to each piece is evident...and we would be honored for you to have a piece in your home.

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